BMW Is Working On More Driver Assist Features

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Their ambition is to always be the leader on cutting-edge technologies, including safety technology.

So far, BMW is having one of the best years of its history. The recently unveiled 2016 Series 7 is a long-awaited flagship sedan that is more efficient, more advanced, and more luxurious than ever before. But other technologies in terms of driving safer and automation are scheduled to arrive in the next few years.

In the future, BMWs will get a new speed info function with a no-overtaking indicator, an incorrect driving warning, a right-of-way warning message, and pedestrian protection in the rear with a visual and/or audio warning. These latest technologies will be deeply integrated with Apple products as BMW is allegedly experimenting with the Apple CarPlay system. The company made an announcement at the WWDC 2015 that CarPlay will soon let you control additional parts of your vehicle directly from the iPhone. This means CarPlay can work together with apps created by manufacturers, making it easier for them to integrate their auto features with the service.

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