BMW i Remote Will Be World’s First Car App On Apple Watch

Apple Watch is going on sale on April 24, with pre-orders beginning April 10.

But what’s the connection between Apple Watch and cars? The Cupertino-based company is still working on its own car, and the rumors about Apple wanting to acquire Tesla will go no further than just rumors.

At CES 2015, Audi demonstrated summoning a car by using a Moto 360 smartwatch. At that time, BMW didn’t say anything about their going to have something that is very similar to Audi’s performance.

And just a few months later, BMW i Remote is the first car app on the Apple Watch. An app that is not for any BMW cars, but specifically for the i3 and i8. Just like the iPhone version, the i Remote watch app will give insight into the car’s charging status, as well as performing functions like warming/cooling the battery (for longer life), warming/cooling the cabin before entering the car, locking the doors, flashing the headlights, honking the horn, setting predefined departure times, and finding nearby charging stations.

Oh, it even tracks your car on a map. One more reason for you not to loan your Apple Watch to anyone else. Not that you’d want to anyway, however, if you do ever loan it and parts come back damaged in some way, Mobile Mob has a range of replacement products like chargers and bands.

apple-watch-bmw-i31-740x425The i Remote app on Apple Watch is free of charge — but the Apple Watch has a charge. And hey, can I have the Apple Watch if I purchase a BMW i3?

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