Bird at the Formula E

Bird: “Everyone will know this one [Long Beach track] a bit better,” as quoted by Current-E, “We can understand the tarmac quite well because it’s been run before.” 


Sam Bird is a British driver with an exceptional track record currently driving for Virgin. He debuted in the Formula BMW and came 14th overall for the season, winning second in the Rookie Cup. Ultimately, he came in 4th in the Formula BMW world final in 2005, and 4th in the Formula Renault series in 2006. Since then Bird has participated in the Formula Three Championship in 2007, the GP2 series in 2010 – 2011 and the World Endurance Championship in 2014 where he placed second over all for the GT cars in the GTE Am class. In case that’s not impressive enough, ladies are also swooning over him.

e_racing_car_virginLet’s talk about the machine Bird gets to ride like a spacecraft into another dimension. The single passenger concrete rocket is packing a maximum power of 200kw(270bhp). It has a carbon/aluminum honeycomb chassis, and a Kevlar body structure. Virgin’s machine has a five speed sequential gearbox and a traction battery system with a Rechargeable Energy Storage System. This sculpted piece would be the most amazing ride of your life.

Sam Bird and his partner in speed,  Jaime Alguersuari have taken to youtube and various other networking sites to run their campaign for a fan boost in the race. Not all sports fans agree that a little extra boost in points from the popularity of the driver is relevant to a race, but regardless, Bird and Alguersuari instead have decided to utilize the extra feature and play the game they’ve come to win.

It’s needless to say, the Formula E eprix in Long Beach is hosting a quality team of racers. But in case you can’t take my word for it…

“Looking at that grid, there’s not a single name that you could say is not a top driver,” Bird admires the roster, “I can’t think of another grid, anywhere else, that boasts that many good drivers. It’s a great advertisement for Formula E.”