Beijing Subways Considering To Use Bio-Recognition Technology

The Chinese capital, Beijing, is looking at introducing “bio-recognition technology”, including palm scanners and facial recognition cameras, to speed up passenger flow through subway stations at peak times, state media reported on Tuesday. Obviously, this move also raises concerns over surveillance.

Facial recognition and a system for scanning people’s palms could be introduced on the Beijing train network, the news website said, citing Zhang Huabing, head of enterprise development for Beijing Subway.

I wonder what would happen if you were to wear a mask?

The network of facial scanners in stations across Beijing would be able to distinguish between individual passengers’ facial features and then track them through the capital city’s transport network. Passengers who attempt to board the metro without paying would be recognised and recorded as soon as they entered the station.

The implementation of facial and bio-recognition technology raises fears of further erosion of privacy and state sponsored spying on private individuals, in a country where the state already monitors citizens through mobile apps and the internet.

It said Beijing has 22 urban railway lines and that more than 10 million passengers ride the city’s subway trains on an average working day.

China Daily said that the Shanghai Metro currently uses palm scanning for certain groups of people, disabled soldiers for instance, on a particular line of its network.

Source: CNBC