Beautiful Form Follows Fast Function In Modified BMW Motorcycle

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Australian motorcycle modifiers Deus Ex Machina were definitely paying attention in English class. When they learned about the literary trope that serves as their name, they really took the idea of “god from the machine” to heart.


These Aussies certainly do have a penchant for wordplay. The gorgeous bike pictured here is called the Heinrich Maneuver, a pun the life saving technique named after Dr. Henry Heimlich.


While it may not save your life, this form-meets-function BMW based bike is instead named after the engineer that invented an ergonomic fuel tank still in use today. The shape conceals a network of piping that prevents sloshing gasoline inside the tank.

The custom bike also comes with a “bespoke sub frame, a hand-crafted alloy and suede seat, slightly re-positioned foot-pegs and controls for ideal body placement, and a Motogadget dash.”


The Heinrich Maneuver’s numerous gadgets and artisanal touches come together beautifully. The overall posture of the two-wheeler recalls images of German bikes from WWII and the glossy white finish conjure thoughts of Stormtroopers from Star Wars.


The bike is available for special order on Deus Ex Machina’s website. While no price is listed, such craftsmanship and attention to detail surely warrants a high cost.

The Heinrich Maneuver is a stunning example of form and function in harmony. Deus Ex Machina dedication to refinement has resulted in the manifestation of god from the machine.

Source: Uncrate

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