Australia Surprises World With Its Driverless Trucks

You may be surprised. In Pilbara, Western Australia, heavy-duty trucks are already gliding along the dirt tracks with no driver at the wheel.

In order to cut down the costs and protect profits against future price dips, Australia’s biggest mining companies plan to add more driverless trucks to their operations in the western Pilbara region. Currently, there are five autonomous trucks have already been running on the road, and five more are scheduled to be delivered on site over the coming weeks. The exact number of truck on the submitted proposal is 19 driverless trucks. They all are truly gigantic beasts, weighing more than 500 tonnes.

The idea is to reduce the risk of human error while also improving the efficiency of the site. So far, around 50 of the driverless trucks will be delivered to New South Wales and Queensland in the next 12 months under plans being hatched by BHP.

This video gives you a view of what happening in Australia:

It seems plenty of autonomous vehicles are already on the road, but they’re not what you had imagined. Share your comments with us.