Audi Introduced World’s First Car With Built-In Rice Cooker

Why do we need a kitchen if the car has a built-in rice cooker already?

Hey friends, I know today is April Fool’s Day, but what I’m about to introduce you is REAL. So don’t stop reading unless you want to miss a very cool thing, ok?

Apparently, carmakers have tried their best to turn cars into the second-most comfortable place for drivers and passengers — the most comfortable place is absolutely your house. Nowadays, the entertainment systems in cars are as great as what you have in your living room. And the cars’ interiors feature very advanced technologies that even help you to take a good nap during your journey. But what Audi has done is just so epic! They have transformed the already-innovative Audi A8 into a catering service on wheels.



Why bother looking for a restaurant when you have perfectly cooked rice right in your car? Most people prefer Japanese rice cooker models anyway, so this is the ideal combination. There are temperature and pressure controls, a timer and numerous other settings that have replaced traditional climate control functions. And yet, the interior of the A8 has been lavishly re-trimmed and replaced by cream and green upholstery — these colors are common at many Japanese restaurants around the world.


Along with the rice cooker is a set of teacups, plates, and bowls that have been tailored and will be delivered to each buyer of the A8, together with a lifetime supply of premium rice.

I believe that the next step should be with cooking meat. What do you think? If you know how to cook steak in a car, share it with Audi constructors. Maybe one day your ideas will be put into practice.

Did I tell you that Audi even has its own branded bathroom and Volkswagen built a Beetle tub? What will car companies bring up next? Who knows.

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