A baby and Uber: How I’m coping with a baby and no car in San Francisco

Upon learning I was pregnant, we ditched our sports cars in favour of a baby friendly sedan type car. When my husband goes to work, I use Uber x to get around the city with the stroller, my baby and my bags.

Before embarking on this Uber only baby transit journey we thought it would be more difficult and expensive than buying a second car, but we thought we would try it for a while then end up having to buy another car. Having a baby is expensive business so we’re always looking for ways to cut costs, luckily there are actually loads of baby deals out there that can help you to save money on everything they need, but when it comes to transport there aren’t many options to choose from. Fortunately, there are websites similar to where you can find baby gear reviews to help to make you ensure that your baby is safe while you are on the road.

Having done this for over four months now, taking 70+ Uber x journeys, I can attest it’s far less stressful and more low cost than owning a car.

It’s not just the the car, gas and insurance we are saving money on, it’s also those damn SF parking tickets (I was previously racking up over $500 some months).

And the biggest plus is that I’m not sitting through my meetings worried about where I parked my car and if the meter is about to expire.

Uber x drivers always help me lift the stroller in and out of the car (many of the drivers and mums and dads themselves so they understand and are willing to help.)

Even though the car seat I have is heavy, it’s easy to strap in the seatbelt and it just click’s right into the stroller part when I take it out of the car.

Plus because I’m not having to concentrate on driving I can capitalize on the extra time in the car to work, making me more productive. It’s great for letting me focus on my works when needs be. However, it also gives me and my baby the opportunity to watch these great videos as well, to help my baby enjoy some nursery rhymes on the journey.

I like having my hands free for this sort of thing, and this is something which I couldn’t do when I had to drive, so it certainly does make my life a lot easier and I know that this will benefit my baby in the future.