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7 of the Greatest Electric Bikes for Adults

Riding an electric bike can be great for the environment. Check out our list here of the best electric bikes for adults.

Want a fun and environmentally-friendly form of transportation that also benefits your health?

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to owning an electric bike. Want to know which one is right for you?

Riding an electric bike can be great for the environment and also for your cardiovascular health. Check out our list here of the best electric bikes for adults.

Benefits of Electric Bikes for Adults

Owning your own electric bike is a great way to get outside, reduce fossil fuels, and congestion. They also make it easier to add biking to your daily commute. Plus you can take longer trips whether it’s to take your kids to school or ride to your local grocery store. Whenever you need to do a repair don’t freak out, you can get new auto parts like marine electronics to quickly fix it up and be back on the streets.

Dirt bike trail riding can be a lot of fun for any rider, but whats not fun is your bike getting damaged, or even worse, you getting injured. That is why there are many options and add-ons to protect you and your bike. Any rider that has hit a tree or another similar object while blitzing through dirt bike trails would have to agree that it hurts and they wouldn’t want to do it again (Unless of course you are on the show “Jesse James Is A Dead Man” and one of you ‘deadly’ stunts is riding a dirt bike over an off-road course).

Anyway, protecting you and your dirt bike for riding on trails can save you some big money, especially if you “accidentally” tip over a lot. Don’t worry, these tips will help keep your bike in better shape in the end, and yourself as well if you choose to listen to me.

The first thing to do before you go trail riding on your dirt bike is to buy protection gear for your body. Your bike may be expensive, but it’s much more beneficial if you save your own butt rather than the dirt bike. Remember, the bike is replaceable, you are not. At least not in this life you aren’t. The basic protective gear is obviously a DOT approved off-road helmet, a good pair of motocross boots, and some long clothes. Now to really protect yourself from all of those trees, rocks, roots, and other hard objects that you would hit when or if you fall on the trails, good body armor is the best protection you can get. Click here If you are looking for the razor mini dirt bike.

Some people may say that they are very uncomfortable to wear, they are itchy and hot, or they’re just plain annoying to wear while riding. Most of those people probably have never even tried using one while trail riding, let alone even trying one on. Body armor/suits are good for any kind of riding because they are full upper-body protection and many come with kidney belts that help prevent too much back stress, which is somewhat common when dirt biking on trails because you sit down a lot.

I use one when I go racing, trail riding, and when I ride my dirt bikes with friends, and I don’t really have anything to complain about. I use an EVS BJ22 Body Armour and will say that it was a good investment.

I won’t go into too much detail about it, but will say that it is awesome protection. It doesn’t bother me much and it’s not extremely bulky. Fortunately this body armor has good ventilation and is still usable in hotter conditions without making me die from sweat. This suit comes with chest protection, shoulder pads, elbow guards, back-plate protection, and a kidney belt. If you want to give your upper body a break when you wipe out or hit something, try putting on some armor; your body will like it.

There’s a reason electric bikes are gaining in popularity. You can enjoy their many benefits too! Once you discover our list of best bikes, don’t forget to head over to bes-ebike.com to find the best values!

BES Joy E-Bike

If you’re looking for a bike to make your commute more enjoyable, then the Joy e-bike by BES is your best option. It’s not only stylish to look at but super comfortable to ride. 

This is a great all-around reliable choice for leisure rides or daily commutes. It offers motorized pedaling assistance for speed support of 20 miles per hour. The control board has five levels of speed.

RAD Power Bikes RadRunner

This hefty utility commuter e-bike has its own custom hub-motor drive trains which RadRunner develops with a number of different vendors. It offers a 120-pound rear rack for extra storage.

You’ll also be impressed by its large Kenda tires that provide added stability. This makes it affordable and useful for riders of all abilities and experience.

Merax 26″ Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

The Merax 26″ Aluminum mountain bike is a great all-round option that offers a 350W high-speed motor that helps you reach speeds of up to 20mph. You can switch between the pedal-assisted mode to pure electric mode by simply flicking a switch with your thumb.

A light aluminum frame makes it easier to pedal faster while off-roading. There’s also a handlebar-mounted LED display panel to provide you with complete control over your bike. 

Professional disc brakes allow you to safely and confidently slow down, despite the high speeds you can reach. Even without the electric motor, this bike is a great mountain bike.

VoltBike Enduro 

If you’re looking for a more affordable mountain bike then the VoltBike Enduro offers a lot of bang for your buck. It can be used for both leisure travel as well as mountain biking and comes with a Class 1 pedal assist. 

You can reach top speeds of 20 mph. It also offers full suspension, integrated headlight, and hydraulic brakes. You also get a high capacity 48v battery that is great for all-day riding.

However, the slower 2amp charger means t takes more time to charge the high capacity battery.

BES Flow

Our choice for the best commuter bike at an affordable price is the BES Flow e-bike that is ultra-lightweight and can fold for easy portability. You get the benefits of 5 different speed settings and a powerful battery.

The Flow reaches maximum speeds of 20 mph and has front and rear drum brakes for safety. The motorized pedaling assistance will take you farther so you can commute to and from work with less effort.

Great Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the best electric bikes for adults, then we hope this list of some great options will help you make the right decision for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a leisure bike or want to take to the trails, these are some of the best options to consider.

They also make great gift ideas for the environmentally conscious person in your life. Check out our blog for more great articles on the state of our planet.