6 Ways Technology is Improving Woodworking

Wood has always been mankind’s natural product for constructing everything from buildings to furniture and even art. The ancient skill of woodworking has managed to adapt even to today’s modern age. Just look at the ways technology is improving woodworking.

While many consider woodworking a traditional skill, it has adapted through time and incorporates the advancement of technology. Today, woodworking is more convenient and efficient compared to when the Industrial Revolution began. You can even say technology helped preserved woodworking and made it even better. You can check out  advantages of using custom saws at https://www.build-review.com/6-advantages-of-using-custom-saws/.

Modernization of Tools

Technology has helped improve the tools you use for woodworking. Before, most of the work was done manually. Now, woodworking is less tiring because of electronic tools that do the heavy work. Pulling nails or screws from already assembled furniture, for example, is a difficult operation. With the help of this amazing tool, you could maybe do the work a bit more easily.

The electrification of tools such as drills and sanders makes the work easier and more precise. There are even things before that you can’t possibly do that are now doable today like cutting hard plastic without breaking it.

However, there are still some processes in woodworking that are best done by hand. It’s also essential to manually do the work in order to preserve the quality of the woodwork.

Advanced Mechanical Table Saws

The advancement of technology has given birth to advanced mechanical table saws and it changed the whole landscape of woodworking for the better. Before, people use the traditional saw which can lead to inaccurate and poor-quality cuts in your wood.

With the mechanical table saws, cutting wood is made easier, convenient, and more accurate. It provides you with highly precise crosscuts that you won’t normally with a traditional saw. You can even add attachments for some unique cuts and designs.

Advanced mechanical table saws also lessen the chances of injury. In fact, the SawStop technology stops the saw blade when contact with skin is made. This helps lessen the fatality of injury and you would usually only end up with a small cut.

Increased Production without Quality Compromise

With the advancement of technology, mass production is now made possible even in woodworking. You might think that it will compromise quality, however, people find a way to increase production without compromising the quality of their products.

By utilizing modern tools and technology, the production of woodwork products has significantly decreased so the demand for quality wood can be met.

Better Quality Craftmanship

Materials are now stronger than ever before thanks to new ways of refinining and strengthening metals. Carbon fibre is a new material that has allowed us to improve tools and make them lighter without compromising on strength, whilst steel can be hardened to withstand immense pressures.

This bench vice, for example, is so strong that even the British Armed Forces use them on their tanks and recovery vehicles.

Online Platforms for Better Communication

The Internet has also helped woodworking a lot. Most people don’t correlate woodworking and the internet. However, it helps woodworking a lot especially in larger woodworking operations where communication can be hard.

This holds especially true if you work in different places or for certain cases where you’re not allowed to travel. Having the convenience of communicating with one another easily allows you to remain updated on the status of projects and manage the work to be done with your coworkers.

Decrease Cost Superior Raw Materials

Acquiring superior raw materials was quite hard and expensive way back when. Some materials have to be exported from faraway countries where it will cost you a fortune even acquiring one.

However, thanks to the advancement of technology. The trading of rare goods and materials has been made convenient. This reduces the cost of acquiring superior raw materials which in turn leads to excellent quality woodwork products.

This makes small-time carpenters and inventors create new things that further help the advancement of woodworking. For example, a Chinese carpenter managed to build an E-car only using wood as an exterior. It’s all thanks to technology.

Types of Machinery that Reduce Workload

The computer numerical control machines or simply known as CNC have brought about significant changes in woodworking. It does the job that a human normally would find difficult. It also shortens the time to complete woodworking designs. The most intricate and eye-catching projects require complicated CNC cutting machines and the right team. From the idea stage to the engineering phase and through fabrication, hiring any CNC cutting services might be advantageous for this purpose.

Additionally, some sawmills process wood from its unprocessed raw form into usable pre-specified cuts of wood-like planks or poles.


These technologies have helped elevate woodworking to new heights. However, it’s they’re not necessarily needed to be successful in woodworking. What’s important is the quality. Technology only makes the process easier.