5 Tips for Making the Most Of Your Retail Shelf Space

Every business must make the best use of its retail shelf space to succeed. High-quality gondola shelving displays merchandise to the best advantage with many choices for size, depth, number of shelves, and color. This type of shelving can be purchased new or used in good condition. A business owner needs the right kind and size of shelving for their type of business such as grocery store, home improvement store, drug store, beauty supply store, or specialty store.

Start With Good Shelving

When a business is setting up or remodeling, they need to get the right type and size of shelving for their type of product. A business owner who wants to save money on shelving can look for used gondola shelving near me online. Suppliers such as Used Gondola Shelving USA will have reconditioned shelving units that look like new at bargain prices.

The gondola shelving supplier will have store design experts to help customers plan their shelving layout and choose the best units for their merchandise. The business person can get a free quote on the gondola shelving they are considering. Then, they can purchase the units their budget will allow. After the business is up and running, more units can be ordered as budget and space allow. 

5 Best Tips for Improving Shelf Space Use

Once adequate shelving is in place, it is time to place the merchandise for the best volume of sales and for customer convenience. The retailer must now decide which merchandise to shelve and where. Here are 5 tips for making the most of available shelving space.

  1. Allocate shelf space correctly for high sales volume. Organize merchandise in three areas including top shelves, middle shelves, and bottom shelves. Top shelves should hold high-prophet, premium products. Middle shelves are where shoppers first look, so use them for high-profit items. The bottom shelves should hold mass-appeal, low-profit items or heavy, awkward items.
  2. Make sure all the products on your shelves are priced correctly and clearly. Customers hate having to search for prices or getting to the check-out and being told the item they have is not priced correctly. Collect customer information and opinions to improve the shelf location of products. A short questionnaire at the checkout counter can gather data. Then, analyze the data and respond to it with better shelf organization.
  3. Do you have good promotional signage to draw attention to items on the shelves? Manufacturers of the merchandise on the shelves can be asked to provide promotional material to improve product sales on-site. The retailer should keep track of which signage and promotional materials are driving the most sales.

Good Training of Employees

  1. Are the sales associates trained to stock the shelves correctly with the attractive placement of merchandise? The shelves must be kept well-stocked and organized. They must look attractive to customers. To accomplish this, employees must receive proper training and be supervised to make sure high standards are met.
  2. Are the Shelves organized in a way that helps customers find what they want quickly? Store organization can mean the difference between success and failure. If customers can not find the products they want easily, they will go somewhere else. Think carefully about the organization of products on the shelves. Related items should be together and store signage should lead customers to specific types of merchandise.

When a retailer has good store organization and proper arrangement of merchandise on gondola shelving, sales will improve. Once the store is stocked, the owner must be open to changing locations of products as needed.