5 Things We Learned from the Chrome Dev for Android AMA

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Yesterday between the hours of 3 and 5pm the developers for Chrome on Android had an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Here are some of the things we learned from it.

Reddit is a wonderful community that provide’s an excellent resource when looking for information that can be provided by your piers. Aaron Swartz, one of the founders, believed highly that information should be publicly accessible, and that’s exactly how Reddit works. One of the best features Reddit holds are AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) which allow a community of Redditors to ask questions to developers, filmmakers, comedians, or even politicians. Below I recap some of the key points of Chrome‘s developers AMA.

The dev team at Google work closely together to provide an excellent experience. The team includes the members as follows:

Aurimas Liutikas (/u/aurimas_chromium), Software Engineer

Jason Kersey (/u/kerz_chrome), Technical Program Manager

Rebecca Rolfe (/u/rrolfe), Interaction Designer

Melody Chu (/u/chromesupport), Product Support Manager

Paul Kinlan (/u/kinlan), Developer Advocate

1. Difficulties as a Chrome for Android Developer


Correct Imgur link here.

2. You can try some of the new features coming out soon.



3.  The Devices the Developer team tests it’s app on. 



Correct Imgur link. I’ve played with the Dev app and most importantly noticed that we’re in for a Reading Mode.

4. The Chrome for Android team works very closely with the Desktop team.



5. The Dev teams for Android, iOS, and Desktop versions work closely together.



The group was nice enough to make a FAQ in case you had more questions. Or you can check out the rest of the AMA yourself.

Source: Reddit

Photo Credit: Chrome Dev Team