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5 Steps to Detailing Your Dirt Bike

Riding a dirt bike is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating activities you can engage in. Some people love their bikes so much that they might go the extra effort to make sure theirs looks the best by visiting Senge Graphics and getting some awesome graphics to help their bike stand out amongst the crowd, especially if they own a model that is very common among riders where they are. If you own a dirt bike and enjoy riding it, you should take proper care of it. Your dirt bike will eventually need to be detailed either due to dirt or the natural process of ageing. Sometimes you’ll find that it doesn’t run as it used to and will require new parts to work as it once did when you bought it.

If your dirt bike needs more than outwards aesthetics to make it look great again, you can replace your parts at Tokyomods or get a brand-new racing bike. If it just needs to be cleaned, below are steps you should take to make your bike look great again.

Here are 5 steps to detailing your dirt bike

  • Give it a good wash

After a good ride on a muddy day, your dirt bike will be in need of a good wash. Detailing your dirt bike starts with giving it a thorough wash to get rid of all the dirt obtained from riding. Washing your bike will make sure that you get rid of all the bugs, tar and rubber. Make sure that you clean and degrease the tires and wheels. You should also not forget to deep clean the engine, frame, underbody, rims and exhaust so that your bike looks brand new by the end of the wash. Keeping an ample supply of cleaning supplies will come in handy for you.

  • Clay bar treatment

After you are done with the wash, give your bike a good clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces. The treatment removes the dirt below the surfaces of the paint and leaves your dirt bike shining. It also pulls impurities and contaminants out of the paint. When you are done, buff with a clean microfiber towel.

  • Waxing

You should then make sure that all swirls and fine starches on the painted surfaces are polished. This will ensure a swirl free finish. Make sure that you wax your dirt bike away from direct sunlight and use a good applicator pad. You should also make sure that you only apply the wax on painted surfaces and do not get it on plastic, rubber or wires.

  • Dry

You should dry your bike after a good wash. Use a clean towel and make sure there are no water spots on the bike. Use compressed air to reach to dry the hard-to-reach surfaces. Make sure all the parts are completely dry including the electrical fittings, radiator fins, chains and cables.

  • Lube everything

Do not forget to lubricate your chains and sprockets. Lubricating your dirt bike will keep you from having to replace the bearings, chains and sprockets. It is also crucial for decreasing friction and chain wear on your bike.

Detailing your hand bike should be easy enough for you to do it yourself by hand. Do not let your dirt bike’s appearance fall through the cracks. Follow these simple steps and leave it looking amazing after every ride.