5 Reasons Why Ford Vehicles Will Steal Your Heart

Ford models have been popular with drivers since they were first introduced more than a century ago. The company continues to introduce new innovations that drivers love and want in their rides. 

While the company has had its ups and downs over the decades, it continues to thrive. Engineers build on Henry Ford’s legacy and create cutting-technology. Visit ford ennis tx to see these models in person. Why should you do so? 

Green Engineering

Ford engineers continue to find ways to cut emissions while mitigating climate risks. In fact, the company made the CDP‘s Climate “A List” for the first time in 2020. This is due in part to Ford’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions using the Paris Climate Accord guidelines. In addition, it has launched the continent’s largest network for charging electric vehicles. 

The company has continued to exceed its carbon dioxide emissions reduction goals, doing so eight years earlier than planned. To build on this success, the company recently announced a new Carbon Reduction Strategy when it comes to its manufacturing operations. The company would like to have all its manufacturing plants operating completely on renewable energy by 2035. 

Innovative Technology

Ford’s innovative technology continues to draw drivers to its vehicle. The Ford Co-Pilot360 technology is a good example of the company’s innovation. This technology includes BlueCruise featuring adaptive cruise control and more. The driver can operate the vehicle hands-free on Hands-Free Blue Zone roads across America. These roads now span more than 130,000 miles in North America. 

Value and Features

TrueCar named the Ford Escape the best Ford vehicle for 2022. The site states this vehicle comes with safety features family love, and drivers appreciate being able to choose the engine they prefer, including hybrid models. A person can own a compact crossover for approximately $30,000, significantly less than the average price for a new car in December 2021. Back then, the average cost of a new car in America was $46,426. Drivers aren’t sacrificing safety when they choose this model either, as it has strong crash-test ratings. 

Top of the Industry

When it comes to American car manufacturers, Ford remains on top. Luxe names Ford the top American car brand, and it isn’t alone. agrees completely with this assessment, and Edmunds likes to remind readers that the Ford F-150 continues to dominate the truck market. 

Any driver looking for a reliable vehicle with outstanding storage, power, and capability options should look to Ford for their new ride. The company’s SUV lineup is designed with family in mind, and drivers know they are getting a vehicle they will love and want to drive every day. 

Outstanding in Every Way

When it comes down to it, Ford excels in every area. The company remains committed to developing new technology while redesigning cars to ensure drivers have models they love. 

The team draws on its more than 100 years in the industry when determining what drivers want and need. This helps the company stay in the lead when it comes to this crowded industry. A person knows they can count on Ford to be there when they need it. 

When the time comes to purchase a new car, visit Ford first. Many people are amazed at what they find in these cars today, as they expect to pay significantly more to get features they desire in their rides. Check out the model lineup and be amazed at what this company continues to do.