4 Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

4 Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Are you driving around town with squeaky brakes?

The dangers of driving with worn-out brakes are real. If your breaks fail, it can cause a devastating car accident.

A car’s braking system can withstand much mileage before it fails. However, your car’s braking system deteriorates with every mile you run.

Investing in regular auto repairs means catching signs of automotive trouble early. It’s a simple precaution to keep yourself safe, your passengers, and everyone you share on the road.

Keep reading for the four signs why you need new brakes.

1. Loud Grinding Noise When Braking

If you hear a loud grinding noise when you hit the brakes, it’s’ a warning sign that you need new brakes. The reason for this is that the grinding noise arises from the state of the brakes being worn beyond the point of repair, putting strain on the calipers, rotors, and other parts of the braking system.

Having worn brakes can make it more difficult to brake and can also take longer for the car to come to a complete stop. Additionally, wearing brakes can also be dangerous, resulting in poor handling, reduced response time, and the potential for brakes to fail when you need them most.

These factors are enough warning signs that the time has come to replace your brake pads.

2. Vibrations Through the Brake Pedal

Suppose you feel vibrations through the brake pedal while braking; this could be a warning sign that you need new brakes. Worn rotors, calipers, or drums can cause vibrations through the brake pedal.

If you have these symptoms, have your brakes inspected. Unusual noises can also indicate the need for new brakes. Properly maintained brakes are integral to driving safely, so inspect your brakes regularly for any warning signs of wear.

3. Delay in Brake Engagement

One of the most common warning signs that you need new brakes is a delay in engagement. This means that pressing your foot on the brake pedal requires more effort or additional pressure before the brakes begin slowing you down.

If you experience this, it’s important to inspect your brakes. If left unaddressed, this issue could lead to a dangerous and more expensive problem.

Brake delays can also be caused by low brake fluid or friction material worn away. A lack of proper maintenance or ignoring an existing issue could also contribute to the delay.

4. Brake Light is Illuminated

When it comes to warning signs that you need new brakes, the brake light illuminated is the clearest indicator. This is a warning sign that should not be ignored, as it means either the brake fluid has become low or there is an issue with the brakes themselves.

If the light is illuminated, you should have a certified mechanic or technician check the brakes to see what is wrong. Check these auto repair services if you’re having a vehicle problem and are unsure what it is.

Break In Your New Brakes

New brakes are an integral part of vehicle safety and maintenance. Consider warning signs that your brakes may fail, such as strange noises, a soft brake pedal, or longer stopping distances.

If any of these symptoms occur, it’s time for you to seek professional help for your brakes. Take the time to get your brakes checked before it’s too late!

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