Farming Technology

3 Tips To Help Utilize Farming Methods In 2021

Farming is growing at an increasing rate every year in the United States. In order to keep up with demand, and stay ahead, there are some things you can do to boost productivity. Here are three tips you should think about.

Digital Farming Growth

Modern farming requires techniques and technologies that simply weren’t around until recently. In the last 70 years alone, the world population has tripled, which has led to extra farming demand.

Some examples of modern farming include selective breeding and artificial fertilizer, but the future of farming is looking to innovate. Already, drones are being used to provide real time images of livestock and crops from the skies. In the future, they are planned to be used to help deliver precise resources such as water or crop nutrients quickly to crops that needs them.

Sensors are also getting cleverer, where they can gather detailed information on the strength and integrity of soil, as well as the welfare of animals. Weather sensors allow farmers to plan ahead with their work to understand upcoming weather patterns.

Corn Yield Calculator 

One of the key ways in which you can help improve your corn crop yield, is by using an estimator to best help you plan ahead and avoid any low times. The agricultural industry is growing bigger and bigger within the U.S. as is the global corn market.

Farmers can use a calculator to help themselves get a handle on their own corn crop yield, which aims to help set expectations. The system can be supplied by Avipel, who can explain how to calculate corn yield calculator for all your needs. They have a formula that computes a swath of your harvestable ears whilst factoring in the average number of kernel rows per ear. This helps to find the average number of kernels per row.

Understanding your corn yield will benefit your farm and employees, as you will be able to shift focus onto other elements if needed. For example, once your crop yield is calculated, you’ll know if you need to work harder on it for next season, or if you’ve overdone it.

Sustainable Farming

One method of farming that is becoming more popular, is with sustainable farming. A sustainable food system is one which does not require any chemicals or other artificial means of crop growing.

They aim to conserve energy and water, with a focus more on local production and supply. For agriculture and farming to be sustainable, it needs to be ecologically sound, whilst promoting a healthy biodiversity. Natural resources need to be carefully managed, and the needs of people in the area should be considered.

Sustainable farming is not just a fad to help attract interest, it actually benefits the farm as natural resources are preserved. This saves long-term costs, and helps protect the local environment. For example, biodynamic farming has become a favorite, where farmers raise their animals in a way that they will actually replenish the fertilizer themselves, which helps enhance plant growth.