Want to Ship Your Car

Want to Ship Your Car to Another Location? Here’s How Much It Costs

People move for many different reasons.  A new job. Retirement. They want to be closer to their children or grandchildren. Or perhaps they’re simply looking for a fresh start.

Unfortunately, driving your car to your new home isn’t always an option. If that’s the case, you’ll need to know the cost to ship a car. This article takes a look at car transport rates and how the process works. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Whatever the reason, relocating to another part of the country can be extremely stressful and complicated.

Finding a Transport Company

Once you’re ready to move, the first thing you’re going to need to do is to find a transport company. This is when you’ll have to do some homework.

You can either hire a broker to find a transport company for you or contact the transport company directly. The key to picking the right company is to choose one dedicated to providing quality service.

We recommend that you contact several companies, ask questions regarding their rates, types of services they provide, and the length of time the vehicle will spend on transport.

Here are some of the best auto transport companies that you should consider.


The price of shipping a vehicle will be determined by several factors.

First, what type of vehicle is being shipped. This is obviously due to size and weight. For example, the cost of shipping a Honda Civic will be less than a Toyota Tundra.

The second factor is distance. The transport company will factor in the number of miles the vehicle will travel, plus the cost of gas and the amount of traffic they expect to encounter. The time of year will also be a factor.

Let’s consider the average price for shipping a vehicle. For example, it would cost you approximately $600 – $1,000 or more to ship a compact four-door sedan coast to coast, depending on the transport company.

A small van, truck, or SUV would cost at least $200 more for the same distance. 

The price for a large truck could easily cost $1,500 to ship.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Don’t book last minute. Do your research ahead of time, and find out if they offer insurance for the vehicle. Some companies will offer cargo insurance to cover any damage to the vehicle, but it’s a good idea to find out what your own auto policy covers.

We also suggest resisting the impulse to go with the cheapest company. Saving a few bucks might turn out to be a costly mistake if they damage your car or don’t deliver it on time. 

The Cost to Ship a Car

To many people, the cost to ship a car might seem rather expensive. But the convenience of hiring a transport company to deliver your car safely to your new home is actually a bargain when you consider the alternative.

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