The Wireless Speaker Water Bottle Is Here

The Wireless Speaker Water Bottle offers life’s vital fluid and Bluetooth connectivity. The water bottle has a carabiner clip for easy portability.

Now you can work out at the gym without having your hands full.

Staying hydrated today is probably easier than it ever has been before. These days, every corner store has bottled water readily available for sale. For those who prefer to carry their own, portable water bottles come in all shapes and sizes. With all those options out there, what is the water consumer to do when it comes to choosing a water-carrying conveyance? Why, look for the one that can carry a tune as well, of course.

The Wireless Speaker Water Bottle ($59.95) is exactly what it sounds like: a portable water bottle that has a Bluetooth speaker for a lid. The 11.75-ounce-capacity water bottle can also be used to charge your smartphone or tablet. In order to save the splashes and spills from occurring when rocking out with your water bottle out, there is a real lid to be used when the speaker is removed.

There is no doubt that music enriches our lives on a variety of levels. This small 3-watt speaker serves up 6 hours of tunes along with almost 12 ounces of water. And just as you need to rehydrate, the device needs to recharge — in this case charging up to full strength in about 3 hours via USB. It won’t take that long to find a place to refill it when you run out of water, but you will have to wait at least a little bit — the device is not set to ship until early December.

Source: CNET