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Your Bikes Can Be Folded Up? So Can My Helmet

“What do you call a cyclist who doesn’t wear a helmet? An organ donor.” — David Perry

Despite being illegal, I’ve seen a lot of cyclists riding without wearing helmets. Do the helmets make them look less cool than usual? Are the helmets too heavy for them?

As a cyclist, I have to admit that our bicycle’s helmets are sort of big and inconvenient. It’s also easy to be stolen, therefore, I usually take it with me whenever I stop by somewhere. Apparently, there are only two choices for you in order to protect your helmet: either to keep it on your head or carry it in your hands. And neither of them is a perfect option since it’s very uncomfortable keeping the helmet on your head all the time, and it’s easy to be forgotten if you carry it in your hands and then put it down somewhere. My boyfriend forgot his helmet on Caltrain quite some time ago as well.

Luckily, a bicycle-hardware startup in Valencia, Spain has just unveiled the Fuga, an updated version of the folding helmet that was introduced in 2013. Like its predecessor, the new version is a beautiful bike helmet, safety-certified, and able to become flat for easy storage in a bag while you’re not pedaling. It’s made from a fiberglass-reinforced polystyrene, giving it adequate impact absorption, while remaining considerably thin. Hidden air events in the intersection between the segments help keep cyclists’ heads cool, with an elastic fitting that allows it to conform to different individuals.

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The Fuga helmets are currently up for pre-order with the price starts at $77.

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