Why Wait Till You Get Home: You Can Now Rate Your Uber Driver Mid-Trip

Did you have an awesome Uber ride home? 

The ridesharing company has announced that Uber riders will now be able to rate their driver while in the car, instead of having to wait to rate them until after the trip has been completed. Instead of forcing you to wait until your ride is over to rate a driver, the feature means you can be sitting in the backseat and either tipping the driver halfway through a trip or informing Uber that the person needs to work on his or her driving skills.

Uber is framing the change as a burning desire to hear your feedback. “You’ve got places to go and things to do, and we never want to miss an opportunity to listen and improve,” the company says in a blog post. Poor reviews will of course be shared with the drivers, but Uber said it will also use the information to find ways to improve the technology that governs how its navigation and pickups work.

Driver ratings are calculated based on the average rating of their last 500 rides (or total rides if they’re at less than 500). Consistent low ratings are flagged at Uber HQ, and drivers whose rating fall below 4.6 risk deactivation.

In regards to driver ratings, the good news is it doesn’t appear that the driver will be notified of your on-trip rating until after the trip is completed. It also appears the ability to rate on-trip won’t be extended to drivers rating passengers. Whew! Thank god for that.

You may be so used to calling an Uber or Lyft for rides around town that you hardly think about it. It seems as safe as driving yourself. But you may find that if you are in a crash with an Uber or Lyft, the resulting insurance process is far more complicated than if you were involved in a collision in your own vehicle. You can also contact Uber Accident Lawyer Santa Monica online to schedule your free consultation.

Source: Fortune