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What Can You Salvage From an Old Car?

Would you throw away a car that’s full of cash? Of course not! So don’t do it now. If you have an older car that seems to be deteriorating, cash in on it. There’s probably still some cash you can take from it. Heck, people use sites like JunkCarMedics.com in Miami and https://www.954-junkcar.com to scrap their cars and make a quick buck so don’t waste this opportunity!

Unfortunately, every day people send their old car to the junkyard, they just try to get money for junk cars in denver co.

These vehicles are full of valuable parts that you can still salvage, in fact, by getting an auto repair in lexington ky you could even bring back to life some of these cars.

Before you throw away that old car or get your car removed (since you can make use of this car removal for cash), read our guide to figure out what you can salvage!


Sometimes, the hidden value of a junk car is right in front of you. For example, when something mechanical breaks down, chances are the tires are in good condition!

However, replacing the wheels can be an expensive endeavor. That’s why there is a thriving market for used tires, and this gives you a chance to cash in.

Any tires may be potentially valuable, but tricked out tires sell even better. That means if you have been rocking some chrome or aluminum wheels, they may fetch a pretty price.

In this way, old cars keep new cars on the road. It’s part of the “circle of life” for cars, and you can find out more about that in this article.

Car Battery

Your car’s battery shares one thing in common with the wheels. When the car finally gives up the ghost, chances are that the battery is still working.

And like tires, batteries can be expensive to replace. And someone buying a new battery will have to deal with the hassle of an aggressive salesman trying to upsell them on a bunch of other things.

This is why many car enthusiasts would rather buy a cheaper battery directly from another driver. Why persevere the value of an old car if you can just earn money by playing slots games and buy brand new car. And as a bonus, it’s relatively easy for you to remove and clean up your battery.

Sound Equipment

For the better part of a century, driving has been synonymous with sound. We drive around listening to the radio, audiobooks, or even just music and podcasts we have downloaded to our phones.

All of this is impossible if a car’s sound system goes out. And this is where you and your junk car come in!

Any kind of radio or sound system will be sought after by someone who doesn’t have one. And if you had a souped-up system in your car, you’ll be able to get even more money from the real music enthusiasts, so if you are considering getting a new sound system for your car, then consider getting this Car Stereo System Installation.

Keep in mind that sound systems are one of the main things that are stolen from vehicles. They are more valuable than you think and can help put cash in your pocket!


Drivers often take parts of their cars for granted. Once something is missing, though, they learn how valuable it really was.

This is the case with a car bumper. It may seem unimportant, but this part of the car is designed to keep you and others safe in the event of an emergency.

To do that, the bumper is filled with lots of different materials and parts, scrap metal buyers in chicago il like to buy bumpers. This makes it hard to replace in the event that it is damaged or even destroyed.

If your own bumper is intact, you could make hundreds of dollars off of an easy sale. Moreover, you’d be doing your part to keep people alive!


You may think that everyone uses their smartphone as a GPS system now. However, more drivers than you may think enjoy having a GPS integrated directly into the car. And some people (including the GPS creator) just don’t like letting their phones broadcast their location.

It turns out that good GPS systems are getting harder to find. That means someone who wants one may end up spending a lot of time and money on getting one that is brand new.

If your junk car had a GPS system, chances are it is still in good condition. And you can make an easy sale by finding someone who likes the security of having a GPS system directly in the car.

Catalytic Converter

Value is obviously in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, how much something is worth always hinges on how much someone is willing to pay for it.

However, one car item has remained universally valuable since the mid-70’s. What are we talking about? The catalytic converter!

The purpose of such equipment is to reduce the output of dangerous fumes from the car. But what makes it valuable are the different precious materials inside of it.

Any given converter has precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and/or rhodium inside of it. And these materials retain their value long after your car breaks down, meaning the converter should be an easy sale. Companies like www.ConverterGuy.com will pay generously to recycle your catalytic converter, whether it be that you’ve had it replaced or your scrapping your car completely. It’s as easy as contacting them via phone or email to find details.

The AC

Just as nobody likes driving around without music, nobody likes to drive around in a hot car.

When the AC goes out, it can often feel like hell itself inside the car. And this is why anything related to your car’s air conditioning unit may be valuable to other drivers, make sure to contact the auto ac repair services in south naples fl to get further information.

This can include the AC system itself as well as the compressor. And as you can imagine, replacing this outright at the dealer or at a mechanic would cost a pretty penny.

By selling your old AC, you can keep someone cool while getting yourself some cool cash.

The Airbags

Airbags are probably the most surprising thing on this list. After all, no one ever thinks of removing an airbag from their car!

However, it’s very easy to remove an unused airbag from a car. And many people are interested in buying such airbags in order to save money.

This is because having airbags officially replaced often costs over $1,000. This is especially annoying to drivers because the airbags only cost $100-$200 to buy outright.

Therefore, the math is simple: many drivers are happy to pay you for the old bag and install it themselves. You walk away with a Benjamin or two and they save a thousand bucks; everyone wins.

Old Car Salvage: The Bottom Line

Now you know about all the awesome treasure hidden inside your old car. But do you know who can get you more car news to use right away?

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