Watch Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Make One of the Most Inspiring Commencement Speeches at Berkeley

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If you’ve worked in a medium to large-sized business, you’ve at least heard of Salesforce. Maybe you’ve dealt with it first hand and visited this blog after having some integration issues. Maybe you’ve seen the sales team using it. Maybe you’ve just heard that it’s some kind of software. But what most people don’t realize is that their CEO is very vocal about progressive change.

Marc Benioff (CEO of SalesForce) has been in the news frequently lately for his impressive business decisions that aren’t only extremely progressive, but a necessary model for our future leaders. Benioff cut all ties to Indiana because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which allowed companies to deny service to same sex couples. He also offered to pay for his employees to move out of the city if they felt uncomfortable. He then later announced that he would be investigating the companies salaries to make sure that all women were getting equal pay.

Over the weekend Benioff made a speech at the University of California Berkeley commencement. His speech was inspiring, progressive and a model that more companies should be following. You can see the speech below by skipping to 1:47 in the video.

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