Pickup Trucks Tuners

More Power from Stock Pickup Trucks with Aftermarket Tuners

Unleashing the Horsepower and Torque from Stock Pickup Trucks with Aftermarket Tuners

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) that manages the electrical system and subsystems on a pickup truck is programmed at the factory to comply with certain emissions and fuel octane requirements resulting in less than peak horsepower and torque.

However, with the use of truck parts like an aftermarket tuner, adjustments to the vehicle’s settings can optimize engine output even without adding any physical modifications. The Car ECU screens the motor by using devices so that it may gather details about the vehicles quantity of energy, ignition time and other kinds of parameters. The ECU for car works based on the input information will get the numerous sensors which are located inside the engine. The different types of devices that are installed all over the motor are Chart sensor, accelerator position indicator, air heat sensor, air sensor and much more. The devices incorporated inside the engine, tend to be basically accustomed to determine the different “operating states from the engine and it is performance. These types of sensors monitor’s numerous aspects like the ambient atmosphere temperature, engine/coolant heat, exhaust /main collapse temp, wear out O2 content material, throttle placement, the revolutions per minute of the motor, the vehicle street speed as well as crankshaft position.

Remapping the Car ECU on contemporary cars is actually safer and simpler than ever before. The actual technician working on the project doesn’t need to get rid of the motor control device or tinker with any kind of internal components. Instead, the actual engine manage unit is actually remapped via the Aboard Diagnostic interface, using the newest software as well as equipment. The actual car’s unique map is actually downloaded towards the technician’s portable computer, rewritten towards the desired specifications, and then exhibited back to the Car ECU. A copy from the original chart is preserved, so you can come back the motor to its prior adjusting state at any time in the future.

This kind of features incorporated when buying Car GPS navs are simple to hear traveling instructions along with text-to-speech, spoken road names, Web connectivity with regard to points-of-interest exploration, real-time visitors updates along with a wide easy-to-read display suitable for all ages. In addition, brand new advanced functions are available as well such as Tone of voice Recognition as well as Traffic Alerts.

A Car GPS makes use of the actual already existing satellite television in orbit. This sends in addition to receive indicators from the revolving about satellite in order to we could utilize it to travel through immense as well as intricate worldwide maps. An indication from the geostationary satellites provides it with exact latitude, longitude, or harmonizes of the earth. Along with maps currently pre-loaded into it, some type of computer will tell you wherever you are as well as plot where you stand going, or even where the next turn ought to be. Through the indicators of geostationary satellites it is easy to find your precise spot.

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Most vehicle GPS navigation program contains fundamental tracking as well as navigational functions. In relation to other features such as blue teeth, voice assistance, touch screen, as well as colored display etc, you will likely be using all of them infrequently.

Most tuner performance software is user-friendly and often features plug-n-play installation that connects directly to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port and even comes programmed with customizable tunes. These are some of the parameters that can be adjusted. Truck service body must come with all the accessories or fittings that make it easy for you to move comfortably and keep everything safe and organized. The companies manufacturing vehicle Ridgeback general trade service body are now aware of the varied requirements and are striving to meet these demands that make work easy for the driver. Vehicle service bodies are now specially manufactured with truck toolboxes so as to provide additional truck storage and safety of the belongings. A truck toolbox is an important part of a truck service body that allows to keep all belongings safe and also provides ample truck storage. The truck toolboxes make an addition to the overall storage space available and thus provide for keeping everything in place. You can have everything organized and get all that you need without having to search for it. Truck toolboxes are available in different sizes and are made of different material to cater to the individual requirements of the user. Depending on whether you need a big truck toolbox to keep big items or want one with small partitions for storing small items, you could make your choice out of the wide range that is available. The truck toolbox is also made of different material ranging from plastic to steel catering to the requirements and budget of the customer. The toolbox allows to keep all the belongings safe. There are toolboxes that come with locking systems that make your belongings absolutely safe while you are doing long distances moving from one place to the other. The truck toolbox also helps you keep all the accessories of your toolkit safe and organized so that you have exactly what you need. While moving from one place to another a requirement for tools could actually arise at any time, in fact, it generally arises at the most unexpected moment and so having everything handy is very important. There are truck service body manufacturing companies that manufacture custom made bodies in keeping with your specific requirements. These companies aim at providing for your individual requirements perfectly and so having a custom truck service body is a good idea. By having it custom made for you all the requirements can actually be incorporated to suit your specific needs. By having a custom service body made you do not need to get an additional truck toolbox fitted but could have it incorporated in your truck service body itself. The truck toolbox thus, fitted would be more sturdy and durable and can be made to your specifications so as to accommodate all your belongings.

Ignition Timing

The spark plug in a cylinder fires between 10 and 30 degrees (angle of the crankshaft to the center of the cylinder) before top dead center (TDC). Ideally, it is set to produce the maximum pressure pushing down the piston when the crankshaft is between 5 and 10 degrees after TDC and burning of the A/F mixture is complete at about 15-20 degrees after TDC.

Engineers set the timing based on many factors including fuel type, engine RPM, temperature, geometry, and air/fuel ratio. If the ignition timing is set too soon, the maximum pressure can occur before the piston reaches the top of the cylinder which is counterproductive, and the engine may knock. If not properly addressed, knock can easily ruin an engine. If the spark plug fires too late, energy is wasted.

Manufacturers keep the timing in a safe range, one that reduces the possibility of knock but does not necessarily produce the maximum power. The ECU can be re-programmed to set the timing and gain the extra horsepower the conservative manufacturers leave behind.

Air/Fuel Ratio

Gasoline requires 14.7 grams of air for every gram of fuel for burning. According to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), maximum power is generated at an AFR of 12.5:1, while maximum thermal efficiency is achieved at an AFR of about 16:1.

Although manufacturers produce vehicles with desirable high horsepower and torque ratings, they are limited by efficiency standards and government emissions regulations. On new vehicles, the compromise sacrifices power for better fuel economy. Tuning can change the AFR parameter to generate more power.

Several factors must be considered for AFR tuning. In the case of a turbocharged engine, for example, an AFR may be set under 12.5:1 to reduce combustion chamber temperatures and assure system reliability. Fuel economy is significantly sacrificed when power and reliability take priority.


On a forced induction engine, adding boost via the ECU is a simple method of increasing power. Manufacturers tune factory supplied turbos on trucks to keep boost levels reliable and efficient. Increased boost means more air packed into the cylinder, more fuel burned, and more power generated. Visit now Angell Law Firmif you need a insurance company.

Additional boost, however, increases pressure, heat in the cylinders, and stress, therefore reducing the engine’s longevity. An excessive boost may require an upgrade to some internal components.


Factory set limits for RPM and top speed can be modified to increase the engine redline, however, with some precautions. Manufacturers set RPM and top speed limits for practical and safety reasons. The engine may be incapable of flowing sufficient air at higher speeds, the valve train may not keep up with the airflow requirements, or it may not achieve higher RPMs reliably.

Engine Performance Upgrades

Several other methods are commonly used to increase horsepower and torque. The addition of these devices usually requires a re-tuning of the ECU for optimum performance.

  • A cold air intake supplies denser air with more oxygen to produce more power.
  • A large diameter throttle body with bigger flaps to increase airflow.
  • An exhaust header augments the vehicle’s performance by moving air faster and more effectively.
  • A high-flow catalytic converter reduces emissions like a stock converter but does it at a higher airflow rate.
  • A high-flow cat-back exhaust system replaces the restrictive stock muffler and factory exhaust pipe to increase flow and boost engine performance.
  • Forced induction (superchargers & turbochargers) compresses the air flowing into the engine and can increase horsepower and torque by over 50%.

With the extra power available from reprogramming the ECU or adding other upgrade devices, a pickup truck is well-equipped to handle almost any towing requirement. Here are some things to consider before hooking up the trailer.

Towing Capacity

Even with the extra horsepower and torque from aftermarket upgrades, a pickup truck owner must be familiar with towing limits just like the trucks from Irvine towing. The most important number is the truck’s gross combined weight rating (GCWR), which is the total amount of weight allowed for the entire rig including the vehicle, cargo, occupants, and everything in the trailer. The ratings can be found on the vehicle manufacturer’s website or a government-mandated sticker on the inside of the driver’s door.

As an example the RAM 1500 5.7L V8 HEMI, Standard cab, 6‘4”  box, 4X4 has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 6350 lbs., a payload of 1390 lbs. and a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 14,350 lbs.

The tongue weight or the amount of trailer weight that rests on the hitch is significant and should be about 10% of the trailer’s weight. Too little or too much weight affects the truck’s controllability resulting in swaying or difficult steering.


To avoid a disastrous, disconnect during travel, the proper size hitch ball should be used to attach the trailer. A pin or lock will keep it latched.

With the correct hitch, the trailer will be level when attached to the vehicle. Safety chains should always be used. Check the brake, running, hazard, and turn signal lights before departure.

Trailer Brakes

A high-quality proportional electronic brake system with brake controller is essential for hauling a trailer with a heavy load. The system balances the braking between the tow vehicle and the trailer. The gain may be regulated to find the optimal setting where the trailer is not dragging the truck down nor is the truck doing all the braking.

Final Thought

Aftermarket semi truck and trailer auctions can provide, with or without other upgrades, the extra power that makes towing heavy loads easier. Even without a trailer attached the improved performance of a finely tuned engine can bring a smile to the face of its driver.