Uber Reappears In Spain As A Food Delivery Service

Uber still can’t operate as a car-hailing service in Spain after being banned last year, but there’s apparently no stopping it from bringing its other offerings into the country. So, the solution, it seems, is UberEATS, a new service that carries not people to places but meals to people. Launching in Barcelona, Uber has teamed up with a selection of highly rated local restaurants to offer a service where anyone with a rumbling stomach can get it filled within just 10 minutes of placing an order via the UberEATS section of the main Uber app.

Many of the meals will cost around €10 ($11) with a €2.50 ($3) delivery charge on top: all a customer needs to do to order is fire up the Uber app and choose the Eats icon. You will need to update your app if you’re in Barcelona and would like to try it out, though, since a judge ordered telecoms in the country to block access to it. While the carriers complied, Uber rolled out an update that routes connections through a different address, giving the city’s residents a way to order food during lazy Sunday mornings.

Source: Engadget