TurboCharged Suzuki Concept Is Going Into Production

Bring on the Turbo!

A motorcycle isn’t just a vehicle to move you from place to place — it’s an experience every time you ride it. Unlike any other purchase, with a motorcycle, you’re a rider. You feel cooler, and you are cooler. It’s because a motorcycle isn’t something you have, it’s something you do. You ride. You risk your life for a chance to turn a commute into an adventure. An errand becomes a whole-body experience.

However, Suzuki does not think that you need to risk your life riding its motorcycle. At Tokyo Motor Show 2013, the Japanese automaker unveiled the Recursion concept, which offers 50% better fuel economy from its turbocharged 588cc parallel-twin engine and safe rides even for first-timers to handle due to its light weight. And our news from Japan reported that Suzuki is making a production version of its Recursion concept.

suzuki-recursion-turbo-conceptSuzuki-Recursion-Turbo-Concept-014Suzuki calls its latest motorbike concept “Recursion”, which means “flowing back, repeating”. The idea is to achieve liter-bike power from a middleweight-sized machine, thus offering enthusiasts high-power but nimble machines to ride. The Recursion makes a claimed 100 hp at 8,000 rpm, but peak torque is a whopping 74 pound-feet way down at 4,500 rpm. Instead of the non-stop dwee-dwee-dwee upshifting of a 600cc sportbike, this new concept delivers at least 3,500 rpm of hefty, no-shifting-needed torque. And that’s how the bike is lighter yet still super powerful with superb handling characteristics.

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Besides the decision of putting the Recursion into production, Suzuki is also looking to forced induction to help make smaller, more efficient, more powerful machines like what Kawasaki has done on its Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R models. More importantly, Suzuki would find the courage to produce its new concept, after seeing Kawasaki’s successful launch of the supercharged H2. The company is in desperate need of a model or two that will revitalize interest in its motorcycles — and a bike like the Recursion concept could do just the everything.

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