Tesla Models S Software Update 6.2: New Features, No More Range Anxiety

The price and the battery are what concern people about buying an electric car. These concerns are valid, however, the Tesla Model S is worth it since it has the longest range and highest safety rating in America.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard many worried about being stuck in the middle of a highway with no way to charge–a fear they rarely have since gas stations are ubiquitous in urban areas. For the more software knowledge go through this software articles.

Nevertheless, Elon Musk and his team have never stopped working in order to make Tesla Cars deserve their price tag of $80,000. The company has built 403 supercharger stations with 2,219 superchargers across the U.S., offering free charge to all Tesla models until 2017. Moreover, Tesla Motors debuted its first Swap Battery Station, in which the underfloor battery pack of a Tesla apparently removes and replaces in roughly 90 seconds.

software-6-2-heroAnd yesterday, the company officially introduced the new software update for all Tesla Model S, promising to give an end to range anxiety. The new update — version 6.2 — features Range Assurance and Trip Planner, and they allow the car to propose a journey, which includes scheduled stops to recharge the car’s onboard battery pack and will alert the driver if he or she gets too far away from known charging stations.



software-6-2-chargersComing along with version 6.2 are new Automatic Emergency Braking and Blind Spot Warning functions. There’s also a new Valet Mode, which puts the car into a lower power setting and blocks access to the glovebox and front-mounted trunk. “Valet Mode conveniently and discreetly limits Model S’s driving performance and restricts access to certain settings and personal information. With the touch of a button, owners can place a limit on speed, lock the glove box and frunk (front trunk), and disable personal information like driver profiles and homelink settings,” said Tesla Motors.

The company also disclosed some details about software version 7.0, which will include auto-steering. Tesla said it has driven from San Francisco to Seattle in an auto-steering car already, and that the driver barely had to do anything — sounds like driving an autonomous car as a company which needs the field service management software to work better. Since the bill about the self-driving car is still waiting to be approved, this type of autonomous driving functionality is pretty “sneaky”, but Elon said it’s working with the appropriate powers-that-be already, and that the auto steering will be kept to certain highways, major roads and private property.

The full press release can be found here.

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