“Street Tuning Evolution” Game Just Made Another Teaser. Must Watch!

Keep calm and strap in–it’s RACE DAY!

Here at TechDrive, we like going fast. We assume you do too, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. And like any auto enthusiast, we’re crazy for mechanically building and tuning ours cars. But with Street Tuning Evolution, you will be able to do more than that. It’s the most interactive and in-depth game, in which you could build your car from the ground up and perform infinite mods. You could test your car after swapping parts, show off your ride or join a street race or a drag race. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?



tun-54c861baab424, a Hungary-based startup, had started its fund raising campaign on Jan 27th with a goal of raising $150,000. They are 50 developers who have a passion for cars and gaming and have been in business since 1992. “You’ll love the new and improved game play that stay true to its roots,” said Invictus.

The game gives you a freedom to build whatever you want. And if you have any idea for the game, the team will give you full modding support to make sure that your ideas directly influence Street Tuning Evolution.

Want to take a look at what the game looks like? The team just dropped a hot teaser on YouTube:


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