Sainsbury’s Cycling It’s Way To The Future With E-Bike Delivery

From the trial push on the pedals to full revolution, e-bikes have come a long way over the years. Sainsbury’s, for example, has come along nicely over the last two-years, setting trials for its E-bikes in 2016. But with the ongoing desire for greener services, especially in London, E-bikes might be hitting the UK streets in 2018.

It’s been recently announced that the level of CO2 emissions in the UK will rise for the first time in years. Resulting in Britain missing its targets set by both the EU and the Paris agreement. But it’s not all bad news as Diesel registrations fall and green vehicles become increasingly popular.

So how can we, as individuals, help against climbing carbon emissions? Unless you can afford to switch out your car, daily changes make all the difference. But with Sainsbury’s, their move from test to practice is one comfortable step to take.

Meet Sainsbury’s E-Bike Delivery Service

Currently, the national supermarket is undertaking extensive trials for its E-bike deliveries. With supermarkets in Streatham currently fulfilling over 100 orders a day by using bikes, but results are promising for a national rollout. For areas like London, a city that is actively seeking new ways to cut emissions and provide a fast service. E-Bikes are a unique alternative to an always-on city.

“We’re delighted to be the first supermarket to trial grocery deliveries by electric cargo bikes. We’re always looking for new ways to make sure we can best serve our customers and this trial will help us explore whether there might be a more flexible way to deliver Sainsbury’s groceries to those who live in busy cities.”

Sainsbury’s are far from the only organisation bringing bikes to the capital, however. Last year, UPS announced that it would begin trials for its new urban delivery system for customers. Allowing up to 200kg worth of packages to be delivered, with not a single one of those kg’s being carbon.