Roadie: The First Neighbor-To-Neighbor Shipping Network

Roadie, an alternative shipping service offering a cheaper way to get your items to a remote destination by piggy-backing on drivers heading in that same direction, is today rolling out across the U.S.

Think of it as Uber for your packages. The “Roadie” app lets you log in and look for drivers to take your stuff from one location to the next.

Only live since January of this year, Roadie says it has seen over 20,000 downloads of its mobile application, which is how its customers and drivers access the service. That’s a notable increase in downloads in a short period of time – just last month, for example, the company said the app had been downloaded 7,500 times.

The way the service works is by connecting those in need of shipping with drivers who want to make a little extra money by carrying something with them on their trip. The idea is that there are today a number of people traveling around the country at any given time, and Roadie wants to tap into that network in order to compete with traditional shippers on both price and speed.

Shippers may choose to use the service for oversized or extra-heavy items that a shipping company like UPS or FedEx would charge more to deliver, or they may look to Roadie when urgency is involved as sometimes there’s the chance of finding someone who can take the package immediately, instead of paying for a “rush” or overnight shipping option with another carrier. Shipping on Roadie is based on the item’s size and distance, and can range from $12 to $200.

Roadie is available in the Southeast and people have listed gigs nationwide. Waffle House recently teamed up with Roadie, and the restaurants will serve as pick up points for drivers and senders.

Source: TechCrunch