Traveling Abroad? Don’t Forget To Bring The Oneadaptr Twist


This Article Originally Appeared On CNET

Traveling abroad? The Oneadaptr Twist works in 150 countries and includes four USB ports and a MagSafe-compatible connector.

This would have been super useful when I was studying abroad. There’s nothing sexy about travel adapters, which let you recharge your gadgets while visiting countries with weird-looking outlets. It’s rare to find one with more than a single USB port, a problem for anyone packing more than one mobile device, and does any hotel room in any country ever have enough wall sockets?

The Oneadaptr Twist Plus World Charging Station tackles all these issues, offering four USB ports and a MagSafe-compatible connector in a fairly adorable tube.

True to its name, the Twist Plus toggles among three different kinds of wall plug as you twist the barrel. Those three plugs allow the adapter to work in some 150 countries, according to Oneadaptr.

What’s more, it can charge up to four USB devices simultaneously, and if you’re packing a MacBook, you can plug in your MagSafe power brick as well.

(Not a MacBook user? There’s a USB-only version, the Twist, available as well.)

The Twist and Twist Plus debuted a few months back on Kickstarter. Although funding was completed in December, the products are already available for sale from from BiteMyApple.co for $44.95 and $49.95, respectively.