Monaco’s War Against The Sea, With Pedestrians In The Centre

For countries like the UK or the US, expansion is straightforward; there’s plenty of land to make it happen. But for other countries, such as Dubai or Monaco, expansion isn’t that simple; there’s little/no land to do it. But there are two things that these small states are renowned for; it’s for tourism and disposable income.

As a result, it makes declaring war on the sea in the name of expansion all the more possible for Monaco. The small state has taken pages from Dubai’s playbook and is reclaiming land from the sea in its ambitious plan. With a total cost of $2.4 billion, the project is worth its weight in Sicilian sand.

Monaco’s War on the Sea

The project has been ongoing since 2016, with the government buying up large quantities of Sicilian sand. To pour it onto the shallow coasts and expand land for developing new properties for investment. The latest developments, called Anse Du Portier (Portier Cove) will be completed by 2025. Boasting 15 new acres and 120 modern apartments, it’s an ambitious, pedestrian-centred addition to Monaco.

Monaco 3.0

The project is under development alongside a widespread modernisation project called ‘Monaco City 3.0’. The biggest problems that the small nation faces are due to its classic buildings. Ones which must face the building pressures of a modern, technologically demanding population.

The principality’s Smart City concept allows tourists and citizens to have access to the nation’s features through smartphones. Allowing them to find the nearest parking spaces, best driving routes, including logging local issues.