Modern Santa Sleigh Stocked With Rocket Boosters

This Article Originally Appeared On CNET

It’s about time Santa emerged from the dark ages of sleigh technology and embraced a high-tech, gadget-filled sleigh built for speed and comfort.

Ho Ho Ho. Santa can now travel faster than before.

We’re all familiar with what Santa’s sleigh is supposed to look like. It’s an old-fashioned contraption with sweeping wood sides, hitched to magical reindeer. Times have changed, but Father Christmas’ sleigh hasn’t kept up with the demands of the modern world. Until now. UK online metals suppler has painstakingly designed a new ride for Santa, called the Gadget Sleigh GS-900.

Coming from a metal supplier, it’s no surprise Metals4U chose to go with a weather-resistant metal construction. The sleigh design also features a Lexan polycarbonate front window, a convertible roof and a built-in nose wiper for Rudolf and his bright-red schnoz. The best idea of all is the inclusion of hybrid-powered rocket boosters, which should take some of the weight off the magic reindeer.

Other fictional properties Metals4U has incorporated into the design are a chimney radar and chimney camera. The sleigh borrows some ideas from high-end cars by adding GPS, parking sensors, an e-reader mount for easy access to the naughty-and-nice list and seat warmers to keep Santa’s tush cushy. There’s also a mistletoe air freshener and a cup warmer with hot chocolate (marshmallows optional).

The Gadget Sleigh’s product page comes stocked with fake reviews from Mrs. Claus, Rudolf and an elf named Patch, who praises the vehicle’s safety.

The GS-900 is just a concept, but it is up for sale for $314,000 (about £200,000, AU$380,000). You can try to order one and see if Metals4U can actually deliver on those rocket boosters.