Michigan Central Station To Become Ford’s New Mobility Lab

Wherever there’s an old building, there’s an extensive story that is told simply through its presence. The city of Michigan is a testament to long histories and extensive reputations, especially for their industry. One of its most striking features is the 18-storey former train station called Michigan Central Station.

The station has been left in a dilapidated state from decades of use and now neglect. Rather than let it gradually fall into further disrepair, Ford’s Chairman, Bill Ford has stated that he’s not content with letting it slip into the history books just yet. Ford has stated his and the company’s desire to put it back to work as its new Mobility Lab.

Ford Mobility Lab

The company wants to see the station become a long-standing symbol of Detroit’s proud past and current urban decay. It works for Ford as they seek to become seen as more than just a car manufacturer. In order to do this, the company needs to look towards new inspirations coming from areas like Silicon Valley.

According to Michelle Krebs, Ford needs to innovate beyond its previous skillset:

“The kind of talent Ford needs in the future is the same kind of talent that not only its auto-making competitors are going after, but also every other industry. Software engineers, data scientists, electrical engineers are in high demand not only in the auto industry but virtually every other industry.”

“In addition to all of the other aspects of hiring, Ford must create a work environment in a location that is attractive to young workers who prefer to be in a hip urban area to cubicles in the suburbs.”

Ford plans to add Michgan’s Central Station to its steadily growing list of historic buildings moving forwards into a new age. Their use as innovation and mobility labs means that their stories will persevere and have new pages added. All the while seeing companies like Ford reinvent themselves and the car industry as a whole.