Meet Our New Editorial Team…

Things are growing quickly here at TechDrive, we have an exciting launch event coming up in November and we have just added two lovely new editors to our team.

Connie Nguyen: Editor & SEO Manager

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Connie has adored words since she learned how to rhyme at age three. She is currently a Freelance Copywriter/Editor in San Francisco Bay Area. Before that, Connie had 6+ years working for WPP & Dentsu Group in Vietnam. Many people would love to become freelance editors themselves but getting to that position requires some know-how. Those interested should investigate how to become an editor before taking on the challenge so they know precisely what is involved.

She yearns to be a part of this creative juggernaut that will echo throughout the generations, sending shockwaves into the Comfort Zone the vast majority of human beings spend their waking hours. She is also a soldier in the fight against mediocrity.

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In addition to making ads, Connie plays piano, dances, and biking. She studied Communications at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, where she finds horribly inconvenient to shout at parties.

Marla Fong: Editor and Contributor Manager


Marla is a native San Franciscan who loves to eat and travel. In 1996, she took her first trip to Beijing to train in Chinese martial arts (Wushu/Taiji), and there began her love for China. She went back to Beijing many times after that to train, and continued to learn about the culture and language. After she finished college, she decided to study abroad at Beijing University to enroll in their one year Chinese program. Once the program was over, Marla decided to stay and work in China, and lived in Beijing for three years.

When Marla is not traveling, she enjoys writing poetry, and practicing bikram yoga.

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