Jay Leno Takes A Ride On A 90-Year Old Brough Superior SS100

This Article Originally Appeared On Hypebeast

Former comedian and late night talk show host Jay Leno continues his automotive-centric YouTube series with a look at the 1925 Brough Superior SS100 motorcycle. As he often does, Leno begins this episode with a lengthy, yet interesting history lesson about the subject vehicle. Touted as the “Rolls Royce of Motorcycles,” the SS100 features a 1.0-liter V-twin engine to reach a top speed of 100mph, a feat that was rather unheard of during its time and for decades after. Halfway through the episode, Leno jumps atop the SS100 to cruise around Los Angeles, and although it may not be the smoothest ride on the road, it’s still quite astonishing to see a 90-year-old bike keeping up with today’s innovations.