ItalDesign Giugiaro Introduced Its World’s First Luxurious Self-Driving Sedan

In the near future, the real luxury will be time.

And Italian people always have good ideas about what is luxury. At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, an Italian Automotive Studio, Italdesign Giugiaro, presented its luxurious autonomous concept that could be turned into a traveling office, a wellness area or even a place to dream during long trips.



Giugiaro-Gea_5-1024x456As we all admit that time is our most valuable luxury, that luxury term is opulently enjoyed in the GEA Concept with a variety of new setups and technology that focuses on the passengers. When driving is simply not a pleasure, it allows the occupants to focus on other tasks or interests. With the three internal setting configurations (one or both of the front seats facing the back-seat passengers), which can be selected on the control sphere situated between the two front seats, the car is now your mobile office, your music room, or even becomes your comfortable leather bed. A sea of nubuck leather, silk floor, hand-stitched parchment leather, and stainless steel makes for a wealthy-feeling space. The dash even has a 3D holographic screen that comes along with a 12-inch display. A sleeky and sexy design is sure to impress all and cleaning nubuck leather shouldn’t be a strenuous task, making this car suitable for anyone. This is more than just a car.



italdesign-giugiaro-gea-concept-2015-geneva-motor-show_100503428_lThe front and rear lighting systems is based on the Audi laserlight and LED technology, which could change color according to the driving mode selected: white in normal configuration and blue during piloted driving. And in this vision of the luxury mobility of the future, even getting into the car takes on a brand new connotation. Thanks to the book-type doors, to the absence of a B-pillar and to the virtual red carpet projected onto the ground by the LED inserted in the door sill, passengers gain the feeling of being a Very Important Person.

Powered by four electric motors that produce 764 hp, the large sedan has a top speed of 155 MPH. The electric system also features induction re-charging for its 375-litre batteries, which is similar to the Tesla Model S.

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