How to Travel On a Budget While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best things that could happen to you because you get to visit new areas including tourist attraction sites. Just because you are studying do not be uptight until you miss out on nature’s best in the area you have never been before.  Though, you will have to limit your travel to weekends and holidays when you do not have tests to study for or writing and avoid missing classes.

Here is how you will travel on a budget while studying abroad

Join in groups

Traveling with people you know is fun and it will be a lot cheaper. If you travel alone, you will need to get a room for yourself, but when you travel in a group you do a cost-sharing in the expenses. You will get the same room, but you will share the cost of the room amongst your group of friends.  One feels more secure being in the company of friends or people you know. If you need to buy anything you might feel insecure exploring the surrounding but in a group, you can walk further to explore backstreet shops.


To save on costs you need to plan ahead in a great way. First, explore all the places you would like to visit and their proximity to one another. This way when you travel you will visit lots of places within a short time. You will save to visit all the places around the same time other than having to plan another trip to the area again.

Plan on the best times to travel

Avoid traveling when everybody else is because it is a bit expensive. If you plan to travel look for low seasons when rooms are cheaper and transport is cheaper. Search around for local aircraft companies that are low costs with affordable flights around you. There are local flyers who are affordable, making your trip cost effective.

Stay in hostels over hotels

Hostels are cheaper and they provide a bed, breakfast, bedsheets, and a locker. There are also these awesome hostels, that can offer group rooms, or options similar to 3 bedroom student housing. This might be cheaper for you as a student and you will accomplish a lot while in a hostel. You will also get to interact with other guests who might have suggestions about travel around the area that you didn’t know.

Use public transport whenever possible

Transport forms a big percentage of your expenditure while traveling. To cut down on it you will need to familiarize yourself with the public transport in the area. Using cabs is good, but it will cost you more than ten times it would have cost to take a public means of transport available. Taxis are known to charge ridiculously high at prices in cases where you have to use them negotiate the price before you board and stick to it. You can also visit

Your study abroad is a chance for you to experience different cultures and interact with people from new places. Make new friends and learn through the experience on traveling with the best thesis writing service document your travels. It is rewarding to study abroad and you might find a business opportunity which has not been explored by others. It can be an opportunity for your dream entrepreneurial business.