These Guys Just Made A Real Cool Lego Machine For Paper Airstrike

Imagination is the true magic carpet. — Norman Vincent Peale

Despite the fact of not having money to buy whatever we wanted, our childhood was the best thing that happened to us. So many new ideas just kept popping up in our little minds that we could not go to sleep. So many cool games that we invented and could not wait until the day after to show off with friends at school. Being an adult is no fun. There are obligations, there are so many worries.

Sounds awfully sad right? Perhaps we all did not think outside the box enough. Perhaps we did not truly seek for ways to go back to our childhood and enjoy that happiness while still somehow be an adult with all kinds of responsibilities like these guys.

A few awesomely nerdy dudes at Elevation Digital Media just made an incredible automatic paper airplane machine from Legos. The machine was made for a Super Bowl ad for Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 150 company that helps big companies do things with electronics. It doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Watch this video and it will blow your mind away:

The machine is designed and controlled based on the Lego Mindstorms intelligent bricks, and quite a bit of custom code. It does an amazing work to make sure you will win the next airstrike. I just ordered a set of Lego Mindstorms for myself. What about you? Let’s watch this behind-the-scene video then start building one of your own.

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