A Glance At Italian’s First-Ever Electric Super Car

It comes from a brand you’ve heard of.

While Lamborghini and Ferrari have only introduced their own plug-in hybrid concepts, Technicar, a humble electric vehicle maker based in Siracusa, Sicily is taking shape in its first-ever Italian electric supercar. Designed by Giuseppe Ferrazzano, CEO of the company, this is a rear-wheel drive electric supercar that could be produced in limited series.

The name Lavinia is dedicated to the Ferrazzano’s wife as he said “both the name and the design are the fruit of love for my wife”. The finished car is claimed to produce the equivalent of 800 hp and accelerate to 62 MPH in less than 3.5 seconds before reaching its top speed of approximate 187 MPH.

Formed by a lightweight carbon-fiber body and high-performance ceramic brakes, the car is a ridiculously overpowered electric vehicle for a blast through the countryside or anywhere. A range of 186 miles may not really impress you, though the battery technologies have been growing rapidly, promising a super battery in the next few months.

For the time being, the Lavina EV Supercar exists only as a 3D model made by 3D designer and developer Angelo Granat from Ferrazzano’s original drawings. Each step of the super car’s construction will be reported on Technicar’s Facebook page. We will also make sure to keep you posted about the company.

“We have been inventing into innovation without any reluctance,” said Ferrazzano.

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