FATMAP is an Adventurer’s Best Friend

Holiday planning of any kind, wherever you want to go, always requires an emphasis on one word: Planning. This word is especially valid for those going out into the broader world with adventure on their minds. From hiking to skiing and exploring in general, the closest things to an interactive map, the better.

It’s why 3D maps are always preferable; it’s for that and many other reasons why FATMAP is the must-have product. The company has positioned itself to be the navigational multi-tool for adventuring types. This message resonates strongly with consumers, and companies like InMotion Ventures are paying close attention.

FATMAP wins ‘undisclosed’ amount of funding

Whether a blank cheque or a genuinely undisclosed amount, FATMAP has won over some strong capital investment. InMotion, Jaguar Land Rover’s Venture capital arm is providing the funding needed for them to expand their reach. Exactly what the company is striving to do, according to its CEO, Misha Gopaul:

“Recent innovation in mapping has focused on urban environments, and until now the rest of the planet has been stuck with outdated tools. Our new global platform addresses the growing need for people to disconnect and spend time in the outdoors and a key part of our mission to help people to have better, safer adventures.

Our ultimate vision is to become the go-to destination for outdoor adventure and travel and InMotion Ventures are the perfect partner to help us achieve that.”

With FATMAP, skiers, hikers and adventurers can set off on their journeys safe with interactive navigation.