Expanding the team: Meet Our New Writers

We are pleased to announce we are expanding the team and bringing on board some new writers, whilst our previous writers Marla Fong and Connie Nguyen are moving up to executive editors.

Angel Robles 1926742_10200849839486719_5717056423592661174_n

Angel started writing at a young age keeping a journal since I was 12 years old. By the time he was 15 he had a binder overflowing with ideas. His senior year of high school he received a scholarship for my writing in English and an award for writing and directing a full length movie for my film club. At 19 he went to film school in LA with a focus on screenwriting where he wrote a series of shorts. He is a futurist and keeps up to date about current tech, especially automation.
He is currently studying Computer Science in Berkeley and interested in writing code and working with hardware.
Some interesting facts: He knows too much about Google, love cats, and have one white cat called Nasa.



Maria Blancounnamed-1

Maria Blanco H. was born in Panama, after obtaining her Degree in Marketing and Advertising.

In 1999, she co- founded the first and very successful e-magazine in Latin America with social and entertainment content paseotablado.com, acquired by Spanish media mogul Terra.com.

Maria leaves the company and makes the bold move to San Francisco where she lives for many years, working, volunteering with the LGBT community where she mingles with the tech community as a new beginning to her screenwriter career.

Maria Blanco is a bilingual screenwriter who enjoys writing dramas withsarcastic tones that expresses her point of views, and has a promising future in the film industry with the right team attached. Her work includes GEMINI SKIN and OPULENCE.

Ryan Gertz

Ryan is a writer, traveler, and filmmaker in all facets with nearly a decade of media experience in the cutting edge and the experimental. He is also one of those car-huggers, cultivated in an impressionable period as a valet attendant. You can find him filming and editing with  Advancement of Cultural Evolution’s Sound & Photosynthesis as well as has with Esalen Institute and tangential organization, Track Two: an institute for Citizen Diplomacy. His blended fascination of travel, culture, writing and technology led him purposefully across the United States by car and the South Pacific by sailing vessel.

(Dream Car| ’68 Shelby Cobra GT 500KR with “babealert” as a vanity plate)(not sure if this should be included)