CES 2016| Forget Rearview Mirrors! Upcoming Cars Will Have 3D Cameras Instead

You can’t change the world from the rearview mirrors. — Anita Roddick

They may not change the world, but the new style of mirrors will definitely give you a new perspective!

Soon rearview mirrors will be just a memory thanks to the Department of Transportation’s mandate for rear-view cameras in all cars built after May 1, 2018. Many automakers have been ready for this change, including Cadillac, Audi, Tesla, and the latest name in that list is BMW.

At CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, BMW introduced the i8 Mirrorless concept, which is designed with three cameras to replace the mirrors. A brilliant idea to keep you safe on the road! Using these three cameras will offer a much-wider-angle image of what’s behind you by just a glance. A display in place of the conventional rearview mirror gives you a full view of cars around you, including vehicles in your blind spot.

The i8 Mirrorless uses wing-like side cameras, which serve as turn signal indicators, giving the car a more aerodynamic look. Check them out in these images:









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