Britney Spears Launches Song Via Uber


Fans booked 30-minute rides in a fleet of Britney-branded SUVs to hear singer’s new duet with Australian rapper after online leak

Who doesn’t love Britney? Just hit me baby one more time.

Yesterday, the taxi app sent out a fleet of specially-marked “Britney SUVs” that L.A.-area riders could call just like any other Uber car. Inside, Spears’ new single “Pretty Girls” was blasted on repeat, while a few lucky fans also got Britney-branded baseball hats, bags, and coffee thermoses.

A limited number of Britney-branded SUVs decorated in black and yellow bee print drove around Los Angeles at the request of fans, who could book the cars for up to 30 minutes to hear the song.

Spears said on Twitter she wanted to “do something a little different” for the Pretty Girls premiere, telling fans: “I hope you like the song!”

The song leaked online just ahead of Uber’s promotion on Saturday, prompting the pop star to ask fans to “hold out just a little longer” to hear the track.

Source: The Verge