Audi Can Fuel Your Car with Water

Audi announces that they can synthesize diesel from water and CO2.

Audi has collaborated with a German company called Sunfire, and their collaboration is quite brilliant. They can take natural water and CO2 and fuel automobiles with it.

To do this the companies heat up water to 800°c which evaporates into steam by being electrocuted by a green natural energy source such as biomass.  This breaks down the steam into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is released and the Hydrogen combined with CO2 and those two combined create Blue Crude, also known as E-Diesel by Audi.


E-diesel isn’t ready quite yet to be used on it’s own, but when it is it will be sulfur free, clean burning and more abundant. And of course the first five liters were tested on the Audi A8. Audi claims the process is 70% effective and that the cost would even be cheaper than standard diesel.

Cars that run on water has been a huge idea for centuries and could be a reality soon. Synthetic replacements for fossil fuel would tremendously increase green geared streets with much cleaner air and safer engines.

Sunfire’s plant is set to produce over 3,000 liters of E-diesel in the next few months. The aim to make greener safer roads a more urgent matter.

Audi brings a greener future with e-diesel made from water.