AdvicyDrive Will Keep You from Snoozing

This device monitors your heart rate to make sure you’re not snoozing off.

I grew up with a father who drove rigs across the country. Each holding millions of dollars worth of merchandise. He often told me of how sleep became an enemy that he frequently attempted to fight off with broken, rusted weaponry. It was like fighting someone he loved so dearly and wanted in every bone of his body to succumb to. He told me stories of the ghosts he saw on the streets because his body was so tired he began hallucinating. Sleep was important, but also, long drives were hard to stay awake during. He would show me pictures of the wreckage that occurred when drivers lost the battle and drifted off.

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AdvicyDrive is the product I want for them. I say them instead of him because I’m including all of the drivers who drive long nights, or simply long distances. It isn’t easy. AdvicyDrive keeps your loved ones awake behind that wheel.

The device comes in the form of a wearable you wear on your wrist and one you place on your waistband. You run the app while you drive and when your heart rate slows it sounds an alarm to keep you awake. It’s a easy to use device and comes with some bonus features, like a health tracker but in my opinion is a really great opportunity for those who can utilize it much more than just for driving. Like Security Guards who spend endless graveyard hours waiting for something to occur. Or those attempting to get some work done but seem to struggle because they get tired or lazy easy.


The project is still in funding at Kickstarter. Check it out!