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7 Authors That Make for Perfect Travel Reading

Reading is not for everyone, especially if you don’t choose the right book. However, picking up the perfect novel can turn anyone who previously claimed to hate reading into a book lover.

Whether you are a consistent reader or not, there is a good chance you have packed a book for vacation with every intention to finish it during your trip. Something like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series is the perfect travel companion for those longer holidays where you have plenty of time on your hands. It’s easy to get lost in the world of Middle Earth as you go on your own journey, and you feel as though you really are on an adventure with characters such as Frodo and Tom Bombadil as they complete their quest. The books are HUGE though, and for most travelers they may be a little heavy, so for this reason LOTR is not included on the list.

Packing the wrong book could be the reason you don’t finish it. You have to make sure it is a genre you enjoy and an author whose writing style you appreciate. You can check this out for the best travel related history blog.

Every person has their own taste in books, making it tricky to listen to recommendations from friends and family.

If you are traveling and looking for a great author to bring along with you, try one of these seven that might just hook you in.

Jodi Picoult

During travel, it is often fun to read a book that is meant to surprise you and pull at your emotions. For beach trips, a romantic or heartfelt novel is especially common for readers to enjoy.

Many of Jodi Picoult’s books tend to make you think pretty hard with a surprise twist at the end. Her style also tends to be full of romantic language and realistic situations that a reader can relate to.

She has some tear-jerkers, like My Sister’s Keeper, and some full of moral struggles, like Sing You Home. No matter which you choose, you will definitely feel drawn to the emotion in her words.

Picoult’s work is nice for travel because of the realistic nature of her ideas. She never fails to surprise her readers with the plots she builds throughout her novels.

J.K. Rowling

When traveling to a new place, many adventurers enjoy bringing along a book to read while relaxing in the sun or to wind down before bed.

Reading about someone else’s adventures, like Harry Potter in Rowling’s famous series, can be an awesome way to draw parallels to your own trip.

Rowling’s popular series is full of excitement and magic to keep you engaged through every turn of the page.

The books are even a bit humorous at times though they can also get emotional. The fantastical world that Rowling’s built is so intriguing to interact with while on your own exciting adventure.

Stephen King

While it is common to enjoy a lighter read on vacation, some readers enjoy getting a little scared by their books. If horror is your thing, Stephen King is the author to read.

Traveling can put some people on edge, but others enjoy the supernatural and often spooky nature of King’s work during their time away.

He tends to put eerie figures into real locations to make his stories seem larger than life. He is one of the masters of inciting fear through only words and no pictures!

He has so many books (close to 100!), many of which have been turned into scary movies themselves. You can read his plots then watch them unfold if you dare!

Get lost in King’s real world with monsters and spookiness hidden in every corner while you are exploring a new location yourself.

Nicholas Sparks

Reading something light while traveling might be your cup of tea, in which case Nicholas Sparks is your guy. His texts tend to be emotional yet romantic, giving a tug to your heartstrings.

A few of his books are also movies, so when you finish one you can watch it while on vacation! All of his books are bestsellers so you definitely can’t choose a bad one.

Read about true love and romance while falling in love with a new city you are traveling to. It might sound cheesy, but his books will truly put you in the romantic traveler’s mindset!

Ernest Hemingway

Books that were inspired by the author’s own experience with travel are often some of the best. You can learn something new in every book about a place you have never been to.

Hemingway’s tendency to travel throughout his life likely inspired his unique work. He spent time all over the world, including Italy, Cuba, and Toronto. He is even known for his safari through Africa.

Many of his novels take place in different countries across the world, probably because of his own travel adventures. His books might make you appreciate your traveling a little more and inspire even more wanderlust in the future.

Cool Things Chicago has a helpful list of Hemingway’s best works for you to create a reading list for your next adventure.

George Orwell

Orwell has some classics that you shouldn’t live life without reading even though they might make your skin crawl a little. However, they are so good you won’t want to put them down!

Long airplane rides or trips on the train will pass quickly with his book 1984. This novel might just be his most popular work, centering in a dystopian society that is watched by the ominous figure, Big Brother.

His work will definitely distract you from any travel anxiety you might experience! It will also make you appreciate the world that you live in because of how good you have it compared to his characters.

Reading dystopian novels, especially Orwell’s famous ones, offer a cool escape from your own reality.

Agatha Christie

Mystery is an awesome genre to immerse yourself in during travel. It will keep your mind fully occupied trying to find out who did what!

Agatha Christie wrote some wonderful mystery texts that will keep you on edge but fully engaged. Even though they were written years ago, her creativity truly never ages.

Christie’s book And Then There Were None even features a bit of travel, putting you in the shoes of the characters while on your own trip. Hopefully, yours ends better than theirs did!

Christie has so many other texts to explore that follow their own mysterious plots along the way. Reading such an exciting book can add something special to your traveling experience.

Bringing the right book (or two) can make your trip one to remember. Bring any of these unique authors along for the ride to see what places they might take you.