4 Important Car Maintenance Tips to Know

4 Important Car Maintenance Tips to Know

33% of consumers find that they don’t have time to perform car maintenance and another 30% say the costs to repair a vehicle is prohibitive. However, repairs and maintenance are important to the drivability and lifespan of a car.

If you want your car to stay in good shape, you need to know some important car maintenance tips. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid repairs overall.

Keep reading to learn four tips.

1. Get Regular Oil Changes

Problems with your car’s oil can be some of the most costly car maintenance issues to fix. Oil affects multiple car functions which is why regular oil changes are necessary.

Depending on the type of oil you get, protecting a car from engine trouble with an oil change can last between 3-6 months. When you visit the mechanic for an oil change, they’ll let you know when you are due for another.

Your car manufacturer will also recommend changing the oil, usually after every 5,000 miles. To save money, you can change the oil in your car yourself.

2. Rotate Your Tires

Another one of the best car maintenance tips is to rotate your tires to get more use out of them. The four tires on your car don’t wear out the same way.

Your front and back tires can wear down at different rates due to the type of car you own, the speed you drive, and the roads. It is generally recommended to rotate tires every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

There are some tire shops or mechanics that will rotate your tires for free.

3. Replace the Brake Pads

Taking care of a car means listening for odd sounds that might occur. If you notice a squeaking sound when you hit the brakes, your brake pads are probably on their last leg.

Brake pads are more expensive to replace, but you don’t have to replace them often. When you visit a mechanic for an oil change, ask them to check the health of your brakes as well.

Brake fluid should not be dark in color. If it is, you’ll have to change the brake system as soon as possible.

4. Wash Your Car

To maintain a beautiful finish on your car, you should wash it at least once a month. If you live in cold weather or use your car more often, washing it once a week can prevent rust.

If you deal with irregular dirt like bug guts and road salt, you’ll want to wash your car more often as this dirt can cause metal and paint damage. You can also try XPEL for car paint protection to keep your car in good condition.

Car Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Maintaining a car is important to ensure the lifespan of a car. Car maintenance tips go beyond these four, but these are just as important as others.

There are things you should do regularly like get an oil change and rotate your tires. Then there are other things necessary to do when the time comes like replacing the brake pads.

Not many understand the importance of washing your car as well, but it is just as essential. For more articles on automotives, check out the other posts on our blog.