Go To Camp With This Solar Tent

Hey, do you like camping?

My nephew just got back from his 5-day camp in Sanborn County Park, Saratoga, California. And he seems to have embraced camping–and matured a bit from doing it.  He has thousands of stories about his camp that he wanted to tell me. His mom has to tell him: “Ivan, you will have weeks ahead to talk about the camp. Now you need to rest, ok?”

Camp is fun for both kids and adults. There might be just as many reasons to love camp and outdoor activities as there are campers. And with today’s advanced technology, camp is getting more fun and convenient than ever.

The Orange Solar tent is a revolutionary tent for campers. It packs photovoltaic fabric, RFID-activated lighting (Radio-Frequency IDentification), underfloor heating, a WiFi touchscreen, and an induction charger. Powered by solar energy, this tent provides a stable and clean powerstation that is built directly into the tent itself. The Orange Solar Tent can comfortably house up to 4 adults and can power multiple devices at one time.

The tent will go on sale very soon. In the meantime, let’s check out the preview below:

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