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XYO – Simplifying GPS and Package Tracking

Travel has come a long way since calculating location by the stars of a map. In this day and age, we have rapidly moved from maps to GPS with overwhelming excitement. But one of the issues that still affect many at the moment is the speed of obtaining information.

For example, while a destination never changes during travel, the route can fluctuate for a multitude of reasons. Along with this, delivery systems have remained largely unchanged apart from package tracking systems. Many of which are either unavailable for standard shipments, or stop the moment the package is at your door.

It’s these issues that led to the development of XYO as a blockchain answer to a daily problem.

XYO – Simplifying delivery and travel

The XYO network was established to take on the fact that there is currently no way of enacting payment on delivery for online orders. This issue means that customers need to pay for a product, without knowing if it will be safely shipped to them. As a blockchain system, it’s made up of countless digital devices, creating a network of positional information.

These devices are able to interact with one another via the blockchain, confirming if a delivery was at a particular location. This ability means that users will be able to track their deliveries down to the street level. Which allows for a far more accurate estimated time for arrival, a godsend for business owners or high-pressure items.

XYO Beyond Packages

One of the things that technology is challenged with constantly, is valid but incorrect data, according to the company. But with its dedicated ‘Bound Witness’ system, which allows for any information provided by users is immediately validated. Preventing inaccurate information from being transmitted, while also rewarding users that provide their information freely to others.