Why Blockchain Marketing Plays by Its Own Rules

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology occupy unique spaces in global business and culture. Here’s why blockchain marketing is unlike any other strategy.

Money spent on blockchain solutions has reached nearly $3 billion in 2019. One of the emerging uses of this decentralized and verifiable system is blockchain marketing.

The reason for its popularity in digital advertising is its potential to make marketing more user-friendly, more efficient, and more reliable. 

You are surely familiar with how blockchain is used in the financial world of cryptocurrency, but there are many other innovative strategies to make the consumer world function optimally.

Here are just a few ways that blockchain is changing the way we view and use advertising. 

Remove the Middle Man

Just like in the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain in advertising removes the piece of the puzzle that separates the advertisers from the users.

For example, platforms using blockchain would no longer need mediums like Google Ads to make the transfer of content and payment. Ad contracts would instead be safeguarded by the communal blockchain.

This would ensure that ads reach the correct market and providers get paid accurately per views or clicks. By removing the middleman, more money is made and saved by eliminating large transaction fees.

More Privacy to Consumers

By using blockchain advertising, users get more power over the ads they see, and they can actually ask to be paid for their personal information.

There are ways to turn off ads altogether, hide transaction histories, and safeguard your identity using blockchain-based crypto advertising software.

This also helps advertisers get real data from willing consumers who can be paid in micro-cryptocurrency for their time and data.

Targeted Ads That Aren’t Wasted

The way advertisement is used today throws a huge net on a vast market hoping that someone will bite. Cryptocurrency marketing focuses on consumers with a particular interest for a certain product or service.

This is done not through tracking internet history, rather through pinpoint marketing strategies. Consumers opt into such tactics such as receiving updates from an item they already bought in return for coupons or invites to events.

These ads can use custom infographics that show real-time data revealing upcoming products and company news.

Advertisers know who will see their ads and for good reason, making it an ad worth paying a little extra to promote and reward their customers. This brings more value both to the marketing company and the users.

Ad Authentication

As crypto advertising becomes more popular, consumers can begin to trust them more. Right now ads are cheap and vast. By narrowing them down, you get more quality and authenticity. 

Consumers will know that the product is real because it has been verified through the blockchain and has been hand-crafted just for their specific needs.

Transparency and Accountability

There are even ways to use crypto marketing to track the entire manufacturing process of a company to show how it is produced.

Consumers belonging to the blockchain can verify the sustainability practices of a company before making a purchase. This makes business accountability much higher and forces them to abide by the consumers’ desires.

They can also view who the company works with and what contracts have or are being made using such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin marketing.

Ready for the Future of Blockchain Marketing?

Blockchain marketing is still in its infancy. And as we have seen cryptocurrency use the decentralized system to revolutionize finances, we will also see how it can make advertising a consumer-controlled community of transparent companies.

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